Nomination Contests


A Nomination Contest is a process by which a registered party or constituency association chooses a person to become the party's official candidate in an electoral division for the next election.  Political parties, or their constituency associations, must notify Elections Alberta of nomination contests and the contest results.

A Nomination Contestant is the person who seeks the endorsement of the registered party as the official candidate in an electoral division for the next election.  Persons who intend to seek the endorsement must register with Elections Alberta, as soon as: the person has announced his or her intention to seek endorsement as the official candidate of a registered party in an electoral division, or when the person has incurred campaign expenses in relation to the person's nomination campaign, or when the person has received contributions in relation to the person's nomination campaign.

All Nomination Contestants must appoint a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who is responsible for maintaining records of all revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities and issuing official contribution receipts.  A nomination contestant's election expenses are not to exceed $10,000.  Nomination contestants and their CFOs are required to file a financial statement within four months after the selection date / conclusion of the contest, even if there was no financial activity.

If a nomination contestant has surplus funds at the end of the campaign period, the surplus must be dealt with no later than 30 days after the filing deadline date.  If a nomination contestant has a deficit at the end of the campaign period, the deficit must be eliminated within three months following the filing deadline date.

Under the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act (EFCDA), Elections Alberta oversees the contest, including the registration, reporting, and disclosure of information relating to the contest. 

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