Financial Period - Quarterly

Legislation came into effect January 2013 requiring parties and constituency associations to report annual contributions on a quarterly basis. Beginning November 2016, legislative changes also required political third party advertisers to file quarterly contribution reports. Additional legislation that came into force in June 2018 requires parties to include campaign period contributions in quarterly reports.

Contributions are any money, real property or goods or services - or the use thereof - provided for the benefit of a political party, constituency association, candidate, nomination contestant, or leadership contestant without returned compensation from the political entity to the donor.  

Quarterly reporting periods are January 1 to March 31, April 1 to June 30, July 1 to September 30, and October 1 to December 31. Each report is due within 15 days after the end of the quarter.

Due to the legislative changes in November 2016, beginning in 2017 contributors who have made contributions to a party and any of its constituency associations that exceed $250 in aggregate at any point in the calendar year, are publicly disclosed via quarterly reports. For this reason quarterly reports are subject to monitoring and review by Elections Alberta.